Wonder Woman 1984: Latest Teaser Will Have the Audience Squirming in Their Seats

If you’re a DC fan, you’re in for a treat as DC just dropped a new teaser trailer for ‘Wonder Woman 1984’. The upcoming movie is going to serve as the successor of the original ‘Wonder Woman’ movie which was released in 2017. 

In the latest teaser, you can’t help but notice the Cheetah. The Oscar-nominated actor Kristen Wiig will be seen playing the role of the main villain who will go by the name ‘Cheetah’. The trailer mainly focuses on the transformation of Barbara Minerva (Kristen Wiig) to a full-blown ‘Cheetah woman’ and how Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) reacts to the same. The trailer is packed with epic fight scenes, after one of which the transformation of the ‘Cheetah’ is seen to be complete. 

What Can Be Interpreted From the Trailer?

In the first shot, we can see Barbara Minerva talking to Maxwell Lord (Pedro Pascal) after he takes in the full power of the dream stone in the latter part of the movie. She can be seen making a wish asking to become a true apex predator. That’s the final wish she makes to him to become the full comic book version of ‘Cheetah’. But that’s not actually what her wish is. She says she doesn’t want to be like anyone else, which is probably a reference to Wonder Woman. She wants to become something completely different, something more. So, the dream stone in true twisted movie fashion interprets her to wish in the worst possible way by turning her into a monstrous apex predator. So, Cheetah gets all this power but in return has to give up her humanity. 

In the second scene of that footage is Kristen Wiig (Barbara Minerva) running very fast while she still looks human. This is from the initial part of the movie when she makes her first wish on the Dream stone. The Dream stone is that special black rock which was created by one of the Greek gods in the Wonder Woman pantheon. It’s not the first movie where there is an actual god pulling strings from behind. The first wish that Cheetah makes is to be just like Wonder Woman when she says “I wish I could be just like Diana”. The dream stone again in its twisted way takes away Diana’s (Gal Gadot) power when she wishes for her lover (Steve Trevor) from the past to come back to life. The stone giveth and the stone taketh! You have to give it something of yourself for the magic to work. 

The next scene is a fight sequence in the White House, where Wonder Woman can be seen saving the President from Maxwell Lord and Cheetah. But by this time Diana has gotten way weaker and Cheetah has gotten way stronger, strong enough so she can absorb the damage from the Lasso of Truth. So, Cheetah is upgrading herself through the course of the film. Later in the trailer, Maxwell Lord also upgrades himself with the help of the Dream stone. That’s when you see him on the broadcast station transmitting his power all over the world simultaneously. This is around the time when Barbara asks for her second wish to become full Cheetah. That’s when you can see Wonder Woman in her full gold armor saying “Barabara, what did you do”. 

By this time, Diana has lost most of her powers which explains the Golden armor as she needs to protect herself from the mighty strong Cheetah. If you have seen any of the animated DC movies, you must have witnessed a lot of Diana vs Cheetah fight scenes. And even in the animated version when Wonder Woman is at full power, Cheetah’s still powerful enough with the former’s abilities to counter her. She is not quite as strong as Wonder Woman, but her claws can pierce Wonder Woman’s skin. 

What Can Be Expected From the Movie?

Wonder Woman 1984 isn’t so much about how Wonder Woman defeats villains, it’s more about how she tries to save everyone, which also includes the villain. So, along with an action-packed movie, we get to learn a thing or two about our favorite superheroes.

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