The Must-Have Apps for the First Time iPhone Owners

Just bought a new iPhone? Wondering what apps to install first? You might not have realized the fact that whether it’s your new iPhone, iPad, or any android device, it’s the same apps that you usually install first. If you are one of the new iPhone users, then you should install some of the significant applications first that will provide you with the best experience of having an iPhone for the first time. Well, with Apple providing more than 2 million applications, it’s quite hard to find out the best apps that any first time user should install on their device. If you are wondering what apps you should install on your new iPhone, then no need to stress yourself. We’ve got you covered. In the following article, we will suggest some of the must-have and best applications that you should install if you are a first time iPhone owner. Go through the full article to have an idea about the apps to install on your new iPhone.

The Best Apps to Install for the First Time iPhone Owners

You must have heard about a lot of great apps that are available for iOS devices. Now finding it quite hard to decide where to start from? That’s a general question that comes in the mind of every new iPhone user. If you want to make the best use of your iPhone, consider the applications that we have mentioned below. This article will help you to decide the apps that you should install first on your iPhone. Take a look:


This is one of the best social networking applications that anyone should have. It has millions of users across the world. And nobody is unaware of the fact that it is the most used social networking platform these days. And When it comes to photography, Instagram is the most used application. Plus, it has a quite attractive display that attracts most of the users. If you are a social butterfly and like to socialize and share every moment of your life, then it is the best application. Apart from Instagram, there are various other social networking applications like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and many more that will provide you with its best experience.


1Password is a must-have application that you should have on your iPhone if you are a first time user. Because with owning this smartphone, you’ll quickly realize how many passwords you’ll require for all the apps on your device. 1Password keeps all the passwords stored for you. That means you don’t need to remember all the passwords. In case if you forgot any of the passwords, you can log in using any other password. And that’s the best part. You can even login using your face ID or Fingerprint as this app supports Face ID or Touch ID.


If you are a music lover, then this is the most important application that you should install on your iPhone. This music streaming application provides the best experience to its users and offers a lot of features. This is an excellent alternative to Apple Music. This music app lets you create your playlist and allows its users to share music with their friends and family. This app enables you to listen to brand new albums without paying anything as well as you can connect with your favourite artists. If you wish to enjoy its advanced version, then you can have its paid version which is available at a very affordable price. You can also explore Apple’s inbuilt music application that also provides the best music experience to its users.


Netflix is one of the well known and best video streaming services. If you have used this service earlier, then you might not need its description as you already know its features. It provides a variety of great movies and series to its users. If you love watching movies, then this is the best application to install. There are various other movie streaming applications, also like Hulu, Amazon Prime, Voot, and all others. You can check out these streaming services as well. Take the best advantage of your iPhone device and start streaming your favourite shows and movies through these streaming services on your iPhone now. 


Dropbox is the best application to install when you want to keep your essential file close by yourself without covering much space on your iPhone. This app lets its users store all kinds of data whether its movie, music, ebooks, or any vital document and even allows you to share them with your friends without giving them access to your accounts. It’s easy to use, and everyone can use it with a stable internet connection. However, users need to pay in case the storage increases.

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