New Bug Reported by the Prominent Fortnite Influencers

What is Fortnite?

If you are a game lover, then you might know about this game. It is the world’s most popular battle royale game, which is developed by Epic Games. You can play this game by creating your team, and all the players of the team are dropped into a map. After landing, you need to pick weapons and other essentials to survive in the game. The last player standing in the game is the winner of the match. 

It might be the most popular game globally, with around millions of fans playing the games daily on several platforms. 

New Bug Reported By Influencers

No doubt, the season 3 of Fortnite battle royale surprises everyone with lots of new and fresh content. The fans expected some of the things, but most of the debut features were not expected. Players already love these new additions while playing and hoping for more. But these additions came with some technical glitches and bugs that might create issues while playing this game. 

Epic Games are putting their efforts to change the dynamics of the games to give new and fresh experience to the users. For all the inclusion and the exclusion, they are considering all the opinions and feedback from the users or influencers. Recently, a reload glitch issue has been found that may cause several issues while playing the game. Players can surpass this problem easily, but it is a bug that needs an immediate solution. 

Tfue and SypherPK are the influencers that are commenting on this issue. Tfue is disappointed by this bug. As a solution, he said that if you drop a weapon and instantly pick it, then you can surpass this issue. 

The Reload Bug Of The Fortnite Is Grabbing Attention Instantly

Sypher, another influencer, said that he would show this bug, but don’t recommend using it. Many gamers and players are starting to abuse Epic Games, but that’s not right. Sypher suggests that it shouldn’t be abused. There is no official statement from the Epic Games about this issue. 

It is not a bug that can stop your games, but it can create chaos if it stays in the game. It is not a major issue, and players can manage this bug easily. If you want to manage it, just suppose that you are out of the bullets. 

Theory Suggests – It Might Not Be A Bug

There is an interesting theory by Sypher that it might not be a bug. According to him, the company might be trying to give some new features to all their gamers. They might be adding an Automatic reload feature to the game, which was not the part of the game. 

It’s not like there is a bug. There are chances that they will announce something officially, and it is suggested for everyone to wait for official notice from the Epic Games. Till then, use the trick mentioned above. Otherwise, they will fix it as soon as possible if it is a bug.

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