How to Use the Clipboard on Windows 10

Windows 10 provides various new features to the users with the latest updates and features. One of the most admiring ones is the Clipboard history, and it was introduced during the 2018 Update. The features provide smooth accessibility to copy and paste a particular item more conveniently with this tool. You can pin your desired task or action that you have recently copied to the clipboard history.

Clipboard History provides very smart and quick access to about 25 most recent items that you have copied to the Clipboard by hitting the Window logo and V tab.

How does Clipboard History work?

The Clipboard is a very convenient tool in Windows 10, providing various dynamic features such as pinning a specific task, copying and pasting a text, HTML etc. If you have activated Clipboard History Feature on your device, then Windows 10 will store all the data and contents related to specific text, HTML, images etc. that are below or equal to 4 MB storage size. If any item found larger than this limit, then it will not save to Clipboard. If you want to save a specific content and are worrying about the removal of it at the restarting process, then you can pin up to the Clipboard.

The Clipboard History doesn’t activate automatically; you have to turn it to ON by navigating the Settings section there.

Activating Clipboard History Feature on Windows 10

To turn On the Clipboard feature, you have to follow these easy to use guidelines:

  • First and foremost, hit the Start tab.
  • Now, press the gear-shaped Settings icon located at the left-hand side section of your Start menu to launch the “Windows Settings” section. Users may also hit the Windows, and I tab alternatively to launch the same tab conveniently.
  • After that, hit the System option.
  • Then, tap the Clipboard option located at the sidebar. Then toggle On the button related to Clipboard History there.
  • After a while, the Clipboard History feature will be activated on your PC. You may close the Windows Settings pane and apply the same feature anywhere on your device.

Pinning Items to Clipboard History on Windows 10

Windows 10 offers a great tool to pin up all your desired items and tasks that you have recently copied to Clipboard history.

  • When you have activated the feature of Clipboard History on Windows 10, you need to expand the complete listing of saved or copied items that you have recently copied to your history section. To do so, you have to tap the Window logo and V key to expand the list.
  • The listing window will show nearby the application that you are using or at the bottom portion of the display if you have closed all the applications and Windows there. The items that you have copied very recently will appear at the top portion of the listing.
  • Now, you may pin up a particular task or item to your Clipboard history listing in two different ways. You have to follow these guidelines to do the same:
  • In the beginning, hit the ellipsis sign located just after the item or task that you wish to pin-up.
  • You will see a mini menu on your display just beside the item and then hit the Pin tab.
  • When you have pinned an item, it will be saved in your Clipboard History and available even if you reboot your device. Alternatively, you can hit the tab “Clear All.”
  • In case you wish to unpin a particular item, hit the Window logo and V tab to launch the Clipboard History listing and then hit the ellipses tab situated nearby it.
  • Now, hit the “Unpin” option for unpinning a particular task or action.
  • Once you wish to paste the item in a quick way that you have pinned earlier, then hit the Window logo and V tab.
  • Now, select your desired action or item from the expanded listing. Now, after a while, the item will automatically paste into the app that you are using.

 Note: For convenient copy-pasting operations, hit the Window tab and then V key altogether to expand the Clipboard History list and then select your desired option. Then paste it to the location that you want.

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