Fortnite: How to Finish the Secret Astro-Not Challenge

Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 3, has introduced a new secret challenge named “Astro-Not challenge.” Those players who have been playing Fortnite for a long time will find this challenge quite familiar. The previous secret challenge was related to the spaceship, in which players had to fix the ship and send that back to space. However, the current secret challenge is not similar to the previous one. You can easily earn XP from this new secret challenge.

How to complete Astro-Not Challenge

This challenge will not take enough time to complete. Simply you have to locate the hidden spaceship that is located somewhere on the map of Fortnite. The following ship is similar to the earlier season’s ship that players once repaired. In the previous season, players completed the “Ancient Ship” mission with a similar ship. Now the reason for this mission isn’t revealed yet, but this ship is back, and its pilot has abandoned the location.

To locate the ship, you need to move towards the south side of “Apres Ski.” The location of the ship is on the coast of “Misty Meadows.” The exact location of the ship has no name, so it can be slightly tricky to find the location. However, the ship is not hidden in any deep area. Once you move to the right location, you simply need to look into your surroundings to locate the ship.

After finding the ship, when you move towards it, the ship will react after seeing you there. You cannot interact with the ship, and there’s no sign of a pilot near it. If you reach the right location, it will not take enough time to locate the ship.

The Astro-Not mission is not like other weekly missions. It will not offer you any skins or other rewards, but it offers you a huge amount of XP. By completing this mission, you can earn a massive amount of XP in a short period. For your efforts in the mission, you will be rewarded by 14,000 XP. Fortnite provided this mission without telling any information about the story about the unknown location of the pilot and returning the ship. Hopefully, in the next season, Fortnite will put some light on why the ship has returned. Players are also expecting more from the ongoing struggle between the Ghost and Shadow.

Conclusion – Fortnite is popular for its unique content and iconic battle royale experience. They are always ready to introduce something unexpected and unique for their fans. Now this new ship could be a sign that Fortnite is working on the storyline which they might reveal in next season.

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