Animal Crossing: New Horizons Update 1.4.0 Brings Exciting New Features

With people continuously looking for new ways to spend the quarantine, gaming brings an immersive virtual world for us to escape to. Missing the outdoors? Nintendo’s Animal Crossing can be your candy-colored alternative. Animal Crossing: New Horizons is yet another cheerful video game brought to you by the Nintendo Switch. The game requires you to essentially transform a bare island into a village. There is no antagonist present to make your life difficult. You are free to simply enjoy the virtual world, socialize, and indulge in some interior decorating. What makes this game so popular is the fact that instead of being a conventional game, it gives you a new simulated lifestyle which is honestly the need of the hour. 

Latest Update

You can install the new 1.4.0 update on your switch by simply going to your game icon and selecting “software update.” Make sure that you are connected to the internet before attempting to install the update. Once you’re done updating, your inbox will carry two-letter notifications. On opening them, you’ll find that they contain attachments. One will be Luna’s bed and the other, a fireworks-show wall. 

The second update for Animal Crossing: New Horizons brings with it a set of exciting new features. 

Island Backup Restoration Service

This will only be made available to the online members of the Nintendo Switch. As the name suggests, it will enable backup saves. What’s great about this particular backup is that it is automatic. So if you forget your manual backup and end up breaking your console, fret not! Your island is safe. You can transfer your island to your new switch through the future update and keep on building. Your backup will be on Nintendo’s server and can be accessed later through User Support. 


A new event that will display fireworks has been introduced for August. You can enjoy the fireworks every week at 7 PM every Sunday. You can also customize your fireworks with the help of the new craft tools provided to you. 

Sweet Dreams

This update also brings back Luna, who will help you visit other islands in your dreams. You can visit islands in the game even when you’re awake so how’s this any different? Well, when you visit the islands through Luna, you can make changes to them as a part of your dream. These changes will not be permanent, but you can register it through a “dream address” which will also let you share it with your friends. 

The Glitch 

In the older version, a glitch conveniently lets the users temporarily get rid of the UI and take clean pictures of their character’s movements. This glitch, however, had been fixed recently but is now back with the new update in the form of a feature. You can eliminate the user interface with the right stick and take your photos. This feature will function across all control variants but one; when the left Joy-Con is being utilized in the horizontal mode. 

Next Update

The next update is expected to arrive in Autumn, and you can easily guess the theme it will bring; Halloween. So if you miss the real-life festivities due to the quarantine, you can celebrate Halloween with Animal Crossing. If it’s a Halloween themed update, it will arrive right before the festival which gives you three long months of waiting. Hopefully, there will be other smaller updates on the way.

While you wait, you can spend your days putting off your virtual goals, paying Tom Nook to clear your debt and if you feel like doing nothing productive, you have a bevy of island friends to pass your time with. Since the game is played in real-time, you can check in every day to indulge in your virtual real-time activities. The game requires a sustained commitment that none of us would have been able to make if it was for our regular busy lives. However, during the quarantine, you could easily spend your mornings (or the entire day even) living out your lives on this virtual island.

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